SCIENCE: Rudeness at Work Is Contagious

If you've had a boss or co-worker tell you to leave your attitude at the door, you can feel better knowing they were probably just trying to protect your innocent colleagues from catching your rudeness. That's right: according to new research from psychologists at Lund University in Sweden, rudeness is contagious, and it can have seriously negative effects on the workplace.

Should Workplace Bullying Be Illegal?

A great quote from a practicing lawyer is, "It is not illegal to be an unlikeable jerk." In Australia, newly crafted workplace bullying laws might just limit some jerkiness. The United State of America does not currently address workplace bullying, determine whether the behavior itself is illegal, or provide any sanctions or penalties. Should we?

STUDY: Bullying Gets You Ahead at Work

It turns out bullying can get you ahead, at least at work. A new study from the University of Buffalo School of Management says workplace bullies tend to get positive evaluations and achieve more overall success in their careers.