Hotel Hires World’s Cutest Concierge, Delights Coworkers

The Internet is abuzz after news broke that a Hyatt Hotel has hired an adorable, one-eyed rescue dog as it’s newest concierge. The concierge, appropriately named Parker, is now adding to the guest experience at Chicago’s Park Hyatt Hotel. Here’s the skinny on this lovable 5-year-old pooch & how she came to be the Park Hyatt’s newest and furriest employee.

PSA: Maybe Don’t Tell Your Employer You’re Fluent In Chinese If You Aren’t

Interviewing for a job is a lot of pressure. And sometimes, the pressure can be so high that even the most honest person might fib a little in order to lock down the job. However, it's important to note that there is a difference between slightly exaggerating your skill level and straight-up lying in your interview. If you don't believe me, take a look at this real-life situation from a Redditor in the U.K. whose entire office thinks he is fluent in Chinese. Spoiler alert: OP does not speak Chinese.

5 Job Titles That Sound Way Better Than the Actual Job

In the modern world of careers, we have gotten really creative with our job titles. But sometimes, even the coolest-sounding job titles can actually be incredibly boring. This comes from a recent AskReddit thread where Redditors tell all on job titles that sounded cool, but actually sucked in real life. Let's check it out.

Workplace Lulz: Bacon Bits Are the Key to Career Success

With help from our friends at Reddit, your Friday is about to get significantly better. Take some advice from awkward seal and this dog dressed up in a suit as we take on the hilarious and sometimes sensitive issues we often experience in the workplace. Today, we cover everything from understanding your benefits to how to deal when your co-worker brings his pet goat to your BBQ. Oh, and Bacon Bits.