5 Reasons to Start a Book Club at Work

We know a lot about our co-workers: what they like to eat and drink, what music they’re into, and what they like to read. In fact, these interests often become the basis of our workplace conversations. Maker of trendy eyewear Warby Parker noted a shared passion for reading amongst employees and decided to make book clubs an official component of the company’s culture. It’s been a win for everyone involved. Here’s why.

3 Technology Flubs That Are Sabotaging Your Job

In this day and age, modern technology seems to have taken over every aspect of our lives, including our careers. From social networking sites that allow us to stay constantly connected to colleagues, to iPhone apps that provide us with efficient ways to get our work done and even to 3D printing technology we use at work, it's essential to stay on top of every technology trend, right? Well, not so fast. Let's take a good, hard look at your typical workday for a moment. If you often find yourself staring at your computer at the end of the day without a single item on your task list complete, technology could very well be the culprit to your constant procrastination.

Majority of Workers Are More Productive When Alone, Says Study

A recent study conducted by Ask.com titled Office Workplace Productivity reveals the habits of office workers and factors that help keep them productive. A large majority of those surveyed (86 percent) said their maximum productivity occurs when they are working alone. Furthermore, only 29 percent said they prefer to work from home, while 63 percent said they like to spend "focus time" in their personal workspaces.