Low Stress, High Pay? These 3 Low-Pressure Jobs Can Pay $70k or More per Year

It's common to think of stress and pay as a tradeoff. For example, surgeons and air traffic controllers pull down the big bucks because their work is not only beneficial to society, but potentially tough on the cortisol levels of the job-holder. We don't care how good you are at managing stress: if your job involves rebuilding the human body or landing several tons of steel and jet fuel, you're going to feel the pressure. But not every high-paying gig demands such sacrifices.

Copywriter Careers – Copywriter Job Description

Name: Carol Pocina
Job Title: Copywriter
Years of Experience: 3
Where: Minneaplis, MN
Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Other Relevant Work Experience: Worked on directories for community services. Talked with people that offered free services and wrote informational paragraphs for directory.
Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for copywriter salary data.

Copywriter Careers - Copywriter Job Description

How do you get started as a copywriter? In this Salary Story, we hear about one copywriter's career path from completing a marketing degree to finding freelance copywriting jobs. She shares advice on what to expect from copywriter careers, especially as an entry-level writer. She also offers insight into the salary of a copywriter and explains why copywriter jobs can be both challenging and fun.  If you're looking for a creative occupation or just want to know more about freelance writing jobs, keep reading to find out more.

PayScale: What is your copywriter job description?

I work on writing copy for clients' ads and brochures. I do research on the technical properties of the products I write about and try to determine what makes the product appealing to the people who will read my work. Currently I am writing about tools that painting contractors use and copper metal roofs. Copywriting isn't always exciting.

Hollywood Writer Salaries, Hollywood Writer’s Wages: Why They Are On Strike

You may have heard that members of the Writer's Guild are on strike, but it's not just Hollywood writer salaries that are in jeopardy. According to Reuters.com, non-writing staff members of TV shows are being shown the door. NBC recently laid off the entire production staff of the Tonight Show and workers were told that their jobs might not be there after the strike. Fortunately, Jay Leno has said that he'll pay their salaries.

On the east coast, TV show staffs are also being affected by the writer's strike. Like Leno, late night talker Conan O'Brien is paying, out of his own pocket, the salaries of nearly 80 non-writing staffers and the Hollywood writer salaries of his joke scribes (the AFP reports). Why are the writers striking? What is at stake for Hollywood writer salaries?  Keep reading!

How does your salary compare to a Hollywood writer's wages? Find out with PayScale's full salary survey.

Salaries of Journalists

Name: Don Perteller
Job Title: Journalist
Where: Denver, CO
Employer: Freelance
Years of Experience: 10
Education: BA in Film, Wesleyan University
Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the average salaries of journalists in different cities.

Salaries of Journalists

Journalist salaries and careers vary greatly as we're about to see in this profile of a journalist who has spent a decade in the trenches. Veteran scribe Don Perteller (pictured here with Elvis' favorite chair in Studio-B at RCA Studios in Nashville) recently sat down with us to discuss the typical 9-to-5 journalist life, the different salaries of journalists - including the average salary for starting journalists, the steps to becoming a journalist and the drawbacks of being a journalist.

Having built a successful journalism career from the ground up, Perteller has first-hand knowledge of the average salary for starting journalists as well as how to manage the ups and downs of a freelance journalist's salary. Because the salaries of journalists are so varied, it's important to do your research if you're considering a career as a journalist. Would you prefer the life of a freelance journalist or being on staff at a magazine? This is a must-read for anyone who is curious about how to become a journalist or the salaries of journalists.