The Controversial Maternity Leaves of Marissa Mayer

Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer plans to take limited time away after giving birth to her twins. She's a high-powered businesswoman, and she's done this before. (This is her second pregnancy, and she took just two weeks off last time.) Is she a heroine, someone we should all look up to – or is she part of the problem?

Yahoo Crew Breaks Fashion Stereotypes

Thoughts of Internet startups often bring to mind images of college students armed with Starbucks coffee cups and smart phones, lounging about in hoodies and Chuck Taylors. In fact, it is either this image or the image of Star Trek pajamas, that a lot of people would associate with anyone whose job has anything to do with the Internet. At Yahoo, however, the office gear is a little different.

Facebook to ‘Kill’ Yahoo?

Yahoo had better watch its back: Facebook has reportedly created a product that goes after Yahoo's lucrative and vast user base. Read on for more about this breakthrough tool and how it will revolutionize advertising.