The 4 Most Haunted Office Buildings in the US

Ever catch yourself saying, “My job is a nightmare”? If so, you might mean a lot of different things. You could be dealing with an insanely annoying boss, or coworkers who are more like playground bullies, or perhaps you are forced to work in the confines of the dreaded open-plan office. In any case, these

Read These 6 Spooky Stories the Next Time You’re Working Late

Some workplaces really get into the Halloween spirit, throwing parties complete with cube-decorating and costume contests — not to mention, plenty of free candy. Other companies keep it low-key, treating October 31st like any other workday. And then there are the workplaces where workers really don’t have a choice about whether to get into the

10 Spooky Halloween Jobs Worthy of David S. Pumpkins

It’s finally Halloween season: time to think about what costume you’re going to wear, what cubicle decorations you’re going to make, how much candy you’re going to eat, and how late you’re going to stay out … and, oh yeah, what your kids are going to do that night. If you’re so into Halloween that

13 Spooky Halloween Cubicles to Inspire Your Office Decor

Halloween is arguably the best holiday of the year, especially at work. At the very least, there’s usually a sharp uptick in candy and other assorted treats. And, some offices go all out, with costume contests and cubicle-decorating competitions. If your workplace is seriously into Halloween, now’s the time to embrace the spoopyness and start

5 Spooky Jobs and How to Get Them

Finding the career that’s right for you is a combination of many factors, including the job market when you head out into the world, your skills and aptitudes, and just plain old luck. But perhaps the most important thing to consider when it comes to career choice is fit. A job that’s a bad fit

The 7 Scariest Workplace Ghost Stories

Even if you love your job, you probably wouldn’t want to spend all of eternity at the office. (Though it sometimes feels like you’re already doing just that.) Maybe that’s why workplace ghost stories are just a little bit creepier than the ones that take place in Addams Family-style haunted houses or cobweb-draped graveyards. Or

Jobs to Thrill Your Inner Child: Ghostbuster / Paranormal Investigator

Forty-two percent of all Americans believe in ghosts, according to a 2013 Harris Poll. With such a significant portion of the population having a vested interest in paranormal phenomena, there are plenty of opportunities for someone interested in pursuing a career in the world of the undead. (Just ask Google.) But aside from the obvious

Behold, the 5 Scariest Office Ghost Stories

The office is full of horrors, most of them fairly mundane. There was the time that project fell apart … as if through unseen forces. Or, the time your pens … just disappeared. And who could forget the mysterious case of the co-worker who vanished … overnight? OK, that last one was probably a layoff.

13 Incredible Company Perks

From fledgling tech start-ups to household-name corporations, employers both big and small are continuously upping the ante when it comes to finding ways to keep their workers happy. While unusually cool perks like Etsy’s playground-esque open lofts, or simply invaluable incentives such as the unlimited vacation days offered at Gravity Payments (that’s right — unlimited)