Best Value Research Colleges

If you're passionate about studying the latest data, if you want to be involved in cutting-edge studies held in state-of-the-art facilities, and if your goal is to learn from world-famous professors doing ground-breaking research, attending a school recognized for its research efforts could be your best bet.

The College ROI Report for research colleges -- defined as those that engage in significant levels of research and award PhDs -- shows research schools are great for students who want to move into careers in academia or work as researchers, or students just want the chance to work with professors who are doing leading research.  Read More

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76 (tie)University of Connecticut (UConn) - Main Campus(In-State)
20 Year Net ROI$464,000
Total 4 Year Cost$111,000
Grad Rate81%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$29,000
76 (tie)University of Houston (UH)(In-State)
20 Year Net ROI$464,000
Total 4 Year Cost$91,400
Grad Rate48%
Time to Graduate5 Years
Loan Amt$24,500
76 (tie)University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey(Out-of-State)
20 Year Net ROI$464,000
Total 4 Year Cost$176,000
Grad Rate81%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$30,100
79Miami University - Oxford, OH(In-State)
20 Year Net ROI$457,000
Total 4 Year Cost$119,000
Grad Rate79%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$30,800
80Tufts University(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$456,000
Total 4 Year Cost$249,000
Grad Rate92%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$29,900
81Rutgers University - Newark Campus(In-State)
20 Year Net ROI$455,000
Total 4 Year Cost$120,000
Grad Rate66%
Time to Graduate5 Years
Loan Amt$25,700
82George Mason University(Out-of-State)
20 Year Net ROI$453,000
Total 4 Year Cost$180,000
Grad Rate67%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$30,100
83University of Alabama in Huntsville(Out-of-State)
20 Year Net ROI$452,000
Total 4 Year Cost$142,000
Grad Rate46%
Time to Graduate5 Years
Loan Amt$25,200
84University of Washington (UW) - Main Campus(Out-of-State)
20 Year Net ROI$450,000
Total 4 Year Cost$187,000
Grad Rate84%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$23,600
85University of Southern California (USC)(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$448,000
Total 4 Year Cost$254,000
Grad Rate91%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$28,900
86 (tie)Clemson University(In-State)
20 Year Net ROI$447,000
Total 4 Year Cost$114,000
Grad Rate82%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$30,500
86 (tie)Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$447,000
Total 4 Year Cost$258,000
Grad Rate93%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$22,800
88Northeastern University(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$445,000
Total 4 Year Cost$237,000
Grad Rate82%
Time to Graduate5 Years
Loan Amt$25,400
89North Carolina State University (NCSU)(In-State)
20 Year Net ROI$443,000
Total 4 Year Cost$88,200
Grad Rate75%
Time to Graduate5 Years
Loan Amt$24,700
90Stony Brook University(Out-of-State)
20 Year Net ROI$442,000
Total 4 Year Cost$141,000
Grad Rate69%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$25,300

*NOTE: Unranked schools on this list don’t have on-campus living options, so on-campus costs are not available.

(It's important to note though that salary data for the College ROI Report does not include alumni who go on to earn graduate degrees, since we cannot include the cost of graduate school in our calculations.)

The California Institute of Technology -- or Caltech, as it's more typically called -- is renowned for its high research activity, especially in STEM fields. Located in Pasadena, California, the school boasts annual research expenditures of more than $270 million. The private university partners with numerous federal agencies with its research, including the Department of Defense, NASA and the Department of Energy. With 24 majors, or "options," and six minors in fields ranging from chemical engineering to computer science, Caltech is a great choice for students who'd like to attend a prestigious research university.

Classified as having a "very high level of research activity" by Carnegie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, also often ranks highly in terms of 20 Year Net ROI. The school's research expenditures exceeded $718.2 million in 2009, and more than 1,300 researchers are employed by MIT in addition to other faculty. The school's best-known alumni include Buzz Aldrin, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Stanford University is often among the best value research schools students can consider. Located in Silicon Valley near Palo Alto, Stanford is home to more than 18 research centers, labs and institutes, many of which are located in Stanford Research Park. This prestigious university is made up of seven schools, and its 8,180-acre campus is one of the largest in the United States. Stanford students can take their pick from more than 650 clubs and organizations. Those who graduate will join the ranks of illustrious alumni including the founders of HP, Yahoo!, Google and Nike. 30 living billionaires are associated with Stanford, and 17 astronauts earned their degrees from the school as well.