Best Schools For Business Majors by Salary Potential

A bachelor’s degree in business is a great investment toward your future. Learn more about the best undergraduate business universities by salary.

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RankSchool NameEarly Career Pay
Mid-Career Pay
Rank:1132School Name:Tennessee Wesleyan UniversityEarly Career Pay:$42,800Mid-Career Pay:$73,100
Rank:1132School Name:Peirce CollegeEarly Career Pay:$45,400Mid-Career Pay:$73,100
Rank:1130School Name:Keystone CollegeEarly Career Pay:$40,900Mid-Career Pay:$73,200
Rank:1130School Name:University of Mount OliveEarly Career Pay:$44,400Mid-Career Pay:$73,200
Rank:1128School Name:Bryan College-DaytonEarly Career Pay:$40,600Mid-Career Pay:$73,300
Rank:1128School Name:Lewis-Clark State CollegeEarly Career Pay:$44,600Mid-Career Pay:$73,300
Rank:1127School Name:Herzing University-MadisonEarly Career Pay:$41,400Mid-Career Pay:$73,400
Rank:1126School Name:Middle Georgia State UniversityEarly Career Pay:$44,000Mid-Career Pay:$73,700
Rank:1122School Name:East Central UniversityEarly Career Pay:$45,000Mid-Career Pay:$73,900
Rank:1122School Name:Pfeiffer UniversityEarly Career Pay:$43,700Mid-Career Pay:$73,900
Rank:1122School Name:Southern University at New OrleansEarly Career Pay:$41,600Mid-Career Pay:$73,900
Rank:1122School Name:Central Christian College of KansasEarly Career Pay:$41,000Mid-Career Pay:$73,900
Rank:1119School Name:Georgia Southwestern State UniversityEarly Career Pay:$40,700Mid-Career Pay:$74,100
Rank:1119School Name:Miami Dade CollegeEarly Career Pay:$42,400Mid-Career Pay:$74,100
Rank:1119School Name:Athens State UniversityEarly Career Pay:$44,500Mid-Career Pay:$74,100
Rank:1114School Name:The Evergreen State CollegeEarly Career Pay:$43,600Mid-Career Pay:$74,200
Rank:1114School Name:Limestone CollegeEarly Career Pay:$43,900Mid-Career Pay:$74,200
Rank:1114School Name:Saint Augustine's UniversityEarly Career Pay:$43,600Mid-Career Pay:$74,200
Rank:1114School Name:Tabor CollegeEarly Career Pay:$43,300Mid-Career Pay:$74,200
Rank:1114School Name:Simpson UniversityEarly Career Pay:$45,600Mid-Career Pay:$74,200
Rank:1111School Name:Columbia College (South Carolina)Early Career Pay:$45,100Mid-Career Pay:$74,300
Rank:1111School Name:Eastern Mennonite UniversityEarly Career Pay:$44,000Mid-Career Pay:$74,300
Rank:1111School Name:Alcorn State UniversityEarly Career Pay:$40,000Mid-Career Pay:$74,300
Rank:1109School Name:Norfolk State UniversityEarly Career Pay:$44,900Mid-Career Pay:$74,400
Rank:1109School Name:Alverno CollegeEarly Career Pay:$43,000Mid-Career Pay:$74,400

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Wondering where the highest-paid business major graduates went to school? The PayScale College Salary Report has salary data for business majors from hundreds of colleges and universities across the United States. Business can be a lucrative field of study, but it also has one of the biggest ranges in salary potential of any major. It’s important that you choose a school with a proven track record of preparing students for successful careers. Perennial top colleges for business majors include: Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Notre Dame, Babson College, and University of Pennsylvania.

It should be noted that this ranking does not include salary data from alumni who went on to earn advanced degrees, including MBAs. Many business majors do go on to earn additional degrees, and that often increases earnings beyond those of graduates with only a bachelor’s degree, especially when the student attends a prestigious business school.