Managers: On the Front Lines of Communicating Pay

Yes, you’d love it if your HR team could spend more time with employees across the company. But given your growing organization has more employees than you can consistently see on a regular basis, the internal partners you need to …

3 Steps to Get Buy-In For Your New Compensation Plan

You know that you need to make some changes to your organization’s compensation plan. One of the following comp problems is keeping you up at night:

  1. Your current compensation program isn’t working. Perhaps, it’s resulted in some unintended consequences. For

3 Reasons Your Employees Want Frequent Feedback

By Tori Fica, BambooHR


If you’re an informed, strategic HR professional (which, if you’re here, then you must be) you’re well aware that traditional annual performance reviews are rapidly falling out of favor within many companies. Reserving feedback for …