7 Reasons to Prioritize Employer Branding This Year

Originally written by Rachel Fenton for Namely.

We’ve all heard the “employer branding” buzzword. But what does it actually mean?

While a company’s overall brand relates to the way organizations are perceived by the masses, employer brand pertains to

5 Things to Never (Ever) Say to Your Team

Sometimes you’re going to say the wrong thing. You’re human, after all – even the boss can commit a gaffe here or there.

But there are a few things you might be saying to your employees that are horribly demoralizing …

The Threat of Unwanted Turnover

This is an excerpt from our ebook collaboration with BambooHR, “Evaluating and Rewarding Employee Performance at the Speed of Business.” Download the full guide here.

How your compensation strategy compares to other employment options will help determine whether great …