Average Salary of Jobs in Finance

In Demand Jobs for 2010: Average Salary of Jobs in Finance

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As the recession slows in the year to come, financial regulations to prevent future crises will be more important than ever. For that reason, many companies may be adding to their team of financial analysts and regulation experts in 2010.

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If you are a business owner, you might have taken care of your books in the past but recognize that more expert help is needed. Or, if you are an HR manager, you might have been asked to research hiring some finance experts. To help you start thinking about that process, below we have collected information on the average salary of jobs in finance according to the data collected by PayScale.

Whatever your reason, we hope that this information on the average salaries for jobs in finance will help your efforts to improve your finance team and stay in business for the long term.

Finance Manager by Years Experience

Finance Director by Employer Type

Director of Finance and Administration by City

Senior Analyst, Finance by Years Experience

Finance Supervisor by Years Experience

Finance Specialist by State

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