Average Salary of Jobs in Healthcare

In Demand Jobs for 2010: Average Salary of Jobs in Healthcare

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Jobs in healthcare continue to top lists of most stable, recession-proof, lucrative and flexible careers. From nursing to lab work and physical therapy, nearly everyone knows that our nation’s ill and aging population is creating an ever-growing demand for health services and support.

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What kinds of jobs are expected to grow? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of registered nursing jobs in physicians’ offices is expected to increase by a whopping 48 percent by 2018. The number of physical therapy assistants working will jump up by 35 percent between 2008 and 2018. And, on the business end of healthcare, the number of medical and health services managers should grow 16 percent.

There are many more jobs beyond these three, such as medical transcriptionists, radiology technicians, lab technicians and more that will be in greater demand in 2010. If you work in the healthcare industry and are involved in the hiring and management of healthcare workers, below we have collected a list of some median annual and hourly salary information from our database to help you review your compensation decisions in this competitive environment.

Registered Nurse by City

Surgical, Medical Lab, or Other Hospital Technologists (but not Radiology)

Medical/Clinical Laboratory Technician by State

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Medical Transcriptionist by Years of Experience

Insurance Sales Agent by Employer Type

Certified Nursing Assistant by City

Radiology Technician by Company Size

Front Desk Receptionist, Medical or Dental Office

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Healthcare jobs are definitely going to be one of those who will still be in demand for the next decade. You can even read that information coming from the Occupational Outlook Handbook website. There is a lot of need for workers in that industry because we all need a good and quality healthcare system.


I don’t know about the other areas but the RN information seems sorely out of date I know brand new nurses making quite a bit more than that in CA