Articles on Compensation Plans

A How-To Guide: Articles on Compensation Plans

When you think about compensation planning, where could you stand to learn a bit more? Maybe you're trying to develop a compensation philosophy or ensure internal pay equity. Here at Compensation Today, we have written a number of articles with how-to information about compensation planning. Whether your compensation plans are established but you need help communicating them to employees, or you’ve never prepared a compensation plan before, you’ll likely find some helpful information in the articles listed below.

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What Are the Components for a Compensation Plan?

If your company needs to develop a formal compensation plan but you’re not sure about how to get it done, this article gives you step-by-step advice for success.

Why Develop a Competitive Compensation Plan

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Successful Employee Incentive Plans

Explore the basics of a successful employee incentive plan and learn why many employee rewards programs are or are not effective.

To-Do List for Human Resources Planning

How do smart employers keep their employees from developing a sense of entitlement? Learn how to avoid this and other compensation planning mistakes with expert advice from PayScale’s staff.

Setting Compensation Budgets

What’s your role in HR budget planning at your company? If you would like to play a leadership role, investigate these five tips on getting more informed and involved.

Compensation Planning Mistakes

Should you radically change your compensation plan from year to year until you find something that “works”? Learn why this approach and other habits are better left behind.

Developing a Compensation Philosophy

Before you start crunching salary numbers, it’s wise to specify your approach to compensation planning by creating a philosophy towards it. Meet the market? Beat the market? Get advice on how to decide.

How to Explain Employees’ Total Compensation

Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to help your employees review the plan and understand what it means for them. Find out how to make this process efficient and effective.

HR Cost Cutting with a Red Circle Policy 

When an employee’s salary has grown out of their range but they’re doing great work, how do you negotiate next year’s raise with them? Get expert advice.

Does Your Company Have Internal Pay Equity? 

Are any of your employees being paid more or less than they deserve because of their minority status? Learn how to find these problems, document them properly and fix them before you’re taken to court.

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