SHRM Conference 2011 Las Vegas – Tweets

SHRM Conference 2011 – Tweets from Vegas

By Bridget Quigg,

Did you make it to the 2011 National SHRM Conference in Las Vegas and see Arianna Huffington and Michael J. Fox present? If not, no worries. We were there, and we sent our director of professional services and education, Stacey Carroll, CCP, SPHR, to tweet about what she heard from the keynote speakers.

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Here are the highlights from Arianna Huffington, Tony Hsieh and Micheal J. Fox’s talks in our re-printed tweet streams below.

We’ll be bringing you more highlights from the SHRM Conference 2011 in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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Arianna Huffington

Since the merger of her company, she understands the real value of hr. She never had that before and she asks, “Where have you been all my life?”

The talk is about how to leverage social media in business.

The first rule that Huffington adopted is that all comments (on their internal internet) need to reviewed so that behavior stays appropriate.

How can we trust? Trust begins with ourselves.

We have to shut off the “nasty roommate” who lives in our head and tries to put us down.

People are looking for opportunities to express themselves. That is why social media is so important.

Her favorite quote, “There are many terrible things in my life and most of them never happened.”

We have to stop assuming that the worst things are going to happen. For example if you get called to HR, it doesn’t have to be bad.

Her company has two nap rooms. She says every company should have nap rooms. A 15 minute nap does wonders.

Leadership is about seeing the iceberg, but you can’t do that if you are tired.

Let’s create a conversation about sleep. She wants people to email her at

Her rules. No phones at dinner. No charging your phone next to your bed.

Arianna has “joy triggers.” During the day find joy. Like a Starbucks coffee.

Another favorite quote, “I have such a wonderful life, I just wish I had realized it sooner.”

There is another instinct that we have which is to find purpose in what we do.

When we tap into peoples desire to be sustainable then we can be more effective.

When we can get others who are having workplace problems to help others it makes everything better.

America is number 10 in upward mobility, behind France.

Isn’t being behind France in upward mobility like us being ahead of France in croissants?

Lets do everything with more sleep, more joy, more wisdom, and more gratitude.

Tony Hsieh

Tony says that we are a service company that sells shoes. So much so that customers ask if we could start an airline.

Focusing on service means their marketing is through customers.

They use they the power of “wow.”

The number one priority of the company is culture. Not service.

The company focuses on culture in hiring, training and performance reviews.

Every single employee spends two weeks on the phone when they first get hired.

Zappos offers every new trainee the opportunity to take a 3000 bonus to leave. This prevents the people who just want a paycheck from staying.

For the next few years, the company is focusing on clothing, customer service, and culture.

Zappos trains every employee on two books. Good to Great and Tribal Leadership.

Zappos has what it calls “committable core values.” This means that you can be hired or fired based on these values.

Tony’s favorite interview question is, “How lucky are you in life?”

The company is committed to transparency.

Alignment to core values is what is important. Not everyone can be a company like Zappos but everyone can create values.

Two important ingredients to great companies. First is culture and second is to serve a higher purpose.

Don’t chase the paper, chase the dream – Puff Daddy

How do you motivate employees? Why not focus on inspiring employees, which is different.

A company culture is the brand. The brand is just a reflection of the culture.

Culture is about making employees happy. Customer service is about making customers happy. So Zappos decided to simplify their mission and just make it about happiness.

If you create the right culture, everything else will fall into place.

Tony asks, “What is your goal in life?”

If you keep asking people why, ultimately it comes back to happiness.

Frameworks of happiness: perceived control, perceived progress, connectedness, vision/meaning.

3 types of happiness: rock star (excitement), flow (“zone”), meaning/higher purpose.

The longest lasting form of happiness is purpose or meaning.

That’s all for now. Thanks!

Michael J. Fox

Michael J Fox failed drama class in high school.

Here’s some news: Being a four star actor is more fun in retrospect.

Right as he was ready to give up, he got the call for “Family Ties.”

After three years on “Family Ties,” and as a stint as a werewolf, he was on top of the world. He calls it “The Fun House.”

The fun house is great, but it’s like a house of mirrors and you need some perspective. For me, that was my wife Tracy.

I fell in love with her because she told me the truth.

When he first noticed his hand tremor he thought it was a hangover from partying with Woody Harrelson.

Eventually, the “dancing pinkies” was diagnosed as Parkinson’s.

Then he went through the five stages of grief.

I was still me, just me with Parkinson’s.

Since I only had 10 years to work, I did everything.

He was still hiding from the audience. He finally decided to come out. So, he told Barbara Walters and People magazine.

After three days of press attention, it stopped being about me and it became about Parkinson’s.

He was a reluctant poster boy, but he realized how much education was needed.

He wanted to create a business that would go out of business. Create a business of cures.

Biology is hard!

It’s hard to get drug companies to invest.

His company is necessary to show pharmacy companies that they can make progress.

He is hoping to be unemployed soon.

The more complicated life gets it seems to bring out the best in us.

Wow, standing ovation for Michael!

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