Do Attractive People Get More Jobs and Money?

Good Looks Ensure More Jobs and Better Pay

By Bridget Quigg,

Nervous job interviewees may review their answers to common questions, shine their shoes and reapply their lipstick, but there are certain job interview success factors they cannot control, like their height and facial symmetry.

An infographic featured on BusinessInsider reveals the harsh realities of getting hired, earning a top salary and being respected by your peers. Titled “Beautiful People Really Do Have an Economic Advantage,” the graphic reveals many eye-opening facts, including:

– thin men make less than overweight men

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– thin women make more than overweight women

– NFL quarterbacks with more face symmetry earn more, regardless of their statistics

– women who wear a lot of makeup are considered more competent, trustworthy and likeable


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The Beauty Bias

How sensitive are you to your beauty bias? Certainly, a lot of readers of this blog are involved in hiring and settng pay for employees. Perhaps a look at the facts from this graphic will help you step back from your first instincts and reconsider a candidate’s qualifications instead of being woo-ed, or dissuaded, by their appearance.

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