Best Stories of the Year

A Look Back: Top Stories of 2011

By Bridget Quigg,

As we head into 2012, HR leaders and business owners can take heart in the more positive unemployment news and the (spoiler alert) optimistic, soon-to-be-released Q4 2011 results for The PayScale Index. The economy made forward progress in 2011. What was on our readers’ minds and what were the favorite stories and topics here on Compensation Today? The following list highlights the hottest, not-to-be-missed posts of 2011.

HR News

Google’s HR Practices Explained

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Learn about Google’s World@Work presentation titled “Using Statistical Research to Change Compensation Strategy.”

Zappos CEO’s Secrets of Success

Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh, author of “Delivering Happiness,” explains how he promotes a successful company culture.

SHRM 2011: “Stupid Things” We Do in Compensation

How do you get out ahead of your company’s executive team and take the lead on compensation?

What Small Companies Really Need from HR

Small companies and non-profits need a compensation strategy more than ever.

Farewell to Across-the-Board Increases

PayScale’s Chief New Business Officer Dave Smith tells what he has learned from PayScale’s customers and why he’s convinced that across-the-board increases are dead.

How-To Category

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Broadbanding

Learn about broadbanding and its advantages and disadvantages in an overall compensation strategy.

How to Avoid Pay Compression

Compression is the ugliest issue compensation professionals face. Learn ways to deal with it.

How to Create a Merit Matrix

When is it time for your organization to allot its merit budget, how do you best support the decision makers? Consider creating a merit matrix.

Comp Basic: Mean vs. Median

Midpoint, market ratio, mean, median, merit bonus – there are a lot of “m” words in compensation. Simplify things with this explanation of the difference between two commonly confused words: mean and median.

How to Talk to Leaders and Employees About Compensation

Once compensation planning is done, it’s time to carefully communicate the results with the rest of the company. And, that process is often done too quickly.

Human Resources’ Value

10 Reasons to Love Your HR Staff

While we don’t mean to promote office romance, we do think that there are plenty of reasons “love” and appreciate your HR staff.

The Honor of Working in HR

A long time HR worker explains how HR knows what is really going on with pay in their companies and why that is important.

Good Bosses vs. Bad Bosses

Stacey Carroll tells how an insightful group of young business students were able to sum up the keys to good management.

Why HR People Should Know Market Data

A lot of people assume that Human Resources professionals are all about the “fluffy stuff” and they aren’t usually relied upon for hard-hitting market data. But, they should be. HR pros should be the best resource for data about a company’s labor costs.

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