Career Showdown: New York Fans vs. New England Fans

Career Advantage: New York Battles New England

By Bridget Quigg,

How about an Human Resources showdown on Feb. 5, instead of the gridiron battle? What would happen if you pitted New York versus New England based upon career-enhancing factors like shorter commute time, higher pay and lower work stress? You’d get PayScale’s “Fan Face-Off XLVI: Which Team’s Fans Have the Career Advantage?”

We decided that the players’ big payday called for a look at their supporters’ earnings and job opportunities. Did you know that folks in Boston enjoy both a lower unemployment rate and more vacation time, on average, than people in New York? That, to us, is a note-worthy achievement for Boston.

Curious about what else we discovered? Take a look at the full “Fan Face-Off XLVI: Which Team’s Fans Have the Career Advantage?” infographic.

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