Infographic: The Impact of a PHR or SPHR on Careers

Shifting HR Careers into Overdrive

In competitive job categories like HR, careers can often feel like they are stuck in the slow lane. The new PayScale report “Worth it? The Value of the PHR and SPHR” reveals that attaining a PHR or SPHR certification is a powerful way to break out and accelerate a HR career.

The newest PayScale Infographic, based on data from the report, details some of the ways that earning a PHR or SPHR certification can boost career success. Among the benefits are faster career advancement and higher average salaries. Be sure to check the metros for which the salary boost is particularly large.


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Angela hanks

I am interested in obtaining the H.R. Certification. My current work skill set is government Hr and I am taking the necessary steps to understand the civilian laws and he realm.