Poll: Your Company’s Support for PHR or SPHR Certification

Are Companies Paying for HR Professionals to Advance?

While it's well understood that HR professionals’ career advance more easily with a PHR or SPHR certification, the impact had, until recently, been unquantified. As we previously reported in "Infographic: The Impact of the PHR and SPHR on Careers," PayScale researchers have made the value of gaining certification clear. Those professionals who hold a certification earn more money and get promoted faster. What's more, the advantage is seen in a variety of industries and locations. For the hard numbers, be sure to read the full report.

Still, it is no simple matter to earn a PHR or SPHR. In the most recent exam, less than half of applicants passed the SPHR test and just 58 percent passed the PHR according to the HR Certification Institute. The tests are challenging enough that a number of online universities offer multi-week classes to help HR professionals prepare.

Given the value of the certifications and the difficulty in successfully earning one, we wondered how, if at all, companies are helping employees that seek to earn a certification. Where does your company stand? Let us know.


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