How Fast Are Salaries Growing in Your City?

Creating the right compensation plan depends on having current data. One of the key pieces of the compensation puzzle is the rate of wage growth in the local metropolitan area. The most recent release of The PayScale Index shows the rate at which wages grew from Q2 2011 to Q2 2012. The results show considerable variance among the top metros. Read on to learn which are leading and which are lagging.

The Top Four

Houston 3.0%
It's burning in Houston and it's not just the sun, it's also the red-hot economy. Houston benefits from being one of the centers for the oil & gas industry, which is seeing rapid wage growth.

San Diego 2.9%
They have some of the best weather in the country and some of the highest wage growth as well.

Seattle 2.9%
The Emerald City continues to see green. As one of the country’s high tech meccas, it's no surprise that Seattle's wages are riding high.

Miami 2.9%
Miami is in recovery mode, making up the ground lost in the tough years 2009 and 2010.

The Bottom Four

St. Louis 1.6%
The Gateway Arch might be gleaming a little more than a few years ago. While the metro lags the pack this quarter, it has at least recovered to the pre-recession level and is growing again.

Atlanta 1.4%
Not-so-hotlanta is picking up steam a bit. The city's wages have nearly returned to 2008 levels.

Phoenix 0.7%
Unlike it's legendary namesake, this Phoenix has yet to rise again. Returning to the peak of 2008 is proving elusive.

Riverside 0.3%
It's no fun coming in last, but at least there was actual growth in Riverside. The three prior quarters were essentially growth free.


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