5 For Friday: 2012 Replay

Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

In this edition of 5 for Friday, our last in 2012, it seemed appropriate to take a look back at the big trends that influenced HR this past year and will continue their impact on us during this coming year.

As Mobile Work Rises, 9-to-5 Jobs Decline, Boonsri Dickinson, BYTE
Telecommuting became much more of a reality as the internet allowed workers to become more geographically independent. In 2012 the mobile workforce became a mainstream part of worklife and this is one trend that will continue into 2013 and beyond. 

2012 Compensation Best Practices Report, by PayScale
For the first time in the history of the PayScale Compensation Best Practices Survey, HR professionals listed Retaining Talent as their number one challenge. As the economy rebounds and talented people continue to be lured away by better opportunities, we predict that this trend will continue in the new year.

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Five HR Technology Trends for 2013 and Three Critical Action Areas, Emma Snider, TechTarget
2012 was the year the Cloud went mainstream and HR started looking much more seriously at HR tech. 2013 will see HR executives eyeing technological advances even more closely.

Forget YOLO: Why ‘Big Data’ Should Be The Word Of The Year, Geoff Nunberg, NPR
Big Data was big in 2012 and we can expect it to be not only bigger in 2013, but more accessible to all businesses, small and large. 

Winners and Losers, 2012 Edition, David Shadovitz, Human Resource Executive Online
Obamacare was number 1 on this list because it was a huge HR influencer in 2012. The passing of The Affordable Health Care Act marked the beginning of major planning and work by HR professionals as a handful of provisions were rolled out and many more will take hold all the way through 2014. This will continue to be big in 2013. 

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