5 For Friday: Santa Edition

Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

This week, in our weekly review of the blogosphere, we focus on Santa and all things holiday.

Without Magic, Santa Would Need 12 Million Employees Chana Joffe-Walt, NPR – Planet MoneyEver wonder what it would take to do the job of Santa? NPR, with the help of FedEx and UPS figured it out and the answer is a whole lot of people! It’s a good thing Santa’s got the elves to rely on!

  • One-in-Four Working Canadians Expect to Receive Year-End Bonus BMO Survey
    This year, business has been good in Canada and 1/4 of workers there are looking forward to a year-end bonus. It seems Canadian companies place a great emphasis on the importance of their employees (or at least the employees are hoping so).
  • 5 Good Holiday Gifts for Your Employees Margaret Hefernan, Inc.
    Last minute employee gift-giving? Forget the logo engraved coffee mugs and go for something they really want: time off, restaurant gift cards, gym memberships, a company cruise, or how about the simple truth.
  • How to Make the Most Out of Your Office Holiday Party? Your HR Buddy!!
    Contrary to popular belief, office parties aren’t just about creating embarrassing stories to last through the next year. Done right, they can be a great opportunity to get noticed in a more positive way. So, show up and be seen,  show off your personality, organizing skills, networking expertise and caring nature.
  • How Santa’s Workshop Does Team Collaboration salesforce.com blog
    Even Santa and his mighty team of elves have moved away from boxed software and into The Cloud the year. If Santa’s rolling out a new way of running things up North, maybe it’s time to take your company’s compensation online and to the cloud with PayScale!

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