Five for Friday: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Laleh Hassibi,

Editors note: this is a new feature in our blog that you’ll find every Friday. Look for our five favorite stories, infographics, or blog articles of the week. 

Success Means Learning to Let Go, Geoffrey James, Inc.

Geoffrey James gives us timely advice for this busy chaotic season that mimics the message behind that old Bob McFerrin classic, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” A key to success is to learn to let go of our frustration about those items on our to-do lists that are driving us crazy because we have no control over them. Instead, we’ll do better by saving our energy for the things that really matter to us.

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  • HR through the augmented reality looking glass
    Steve Boese’s HR Technology
    Will Google Glass be the HR and talent executive geek-out “must have” of 2014? Imagine the possibilities for candidate interviews, performance management discussions, or talent planning sessions if you could have an augmented reality view of your talent. And, if those interviews don’t turn out to be very interesting, you can always catch the latest game stats!
  • 5 Great Leadership Lessons From the Movie Lincoln
    Mark Toth, TLNT
    The much-talked-about Lincoln movie is not only entertaining, but contains valuable lessons for leaders: diversity works; patience and perserverance pay; they didn’t call him Honest Abe for nothing; have a humble heart; and keep it short. What better leader is there to model yourself after than Abe ?
  • What Makes a Happy Worker vs. a Sad Worker?
    Compliance and Safety
    This happy vs sad worker infographic shows how an employee’s happy factor has a direct correlation with their work ethic, but not necessarily their work productivity. Employers face a high turnover rate in employees and may be able to turn that around by focusing on one thing that keeps employees happy—more flexiblity with work hours.
  • Five Ways to Boost Employee Performance During the Holidays
    Heather Human, Blogging4jobs
    To keep productivity high in December, your best choices are either to make it fun or give up and send them home. By giving lots of breaks, celebrating (it’s sparkle season after-all) or creating additional incentives, you can keep morale up. Or, just don’t fight it and encourage them to use their vacation days or paid holidays to get some much needed R&R.

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