Five for Friday: Times are a Changing

Laleh Hassibi,

The times are always changing, but we uncovered some interesting tidbits about exactly how things are changing for 2013 in our weekly review of the blogosphere. Here are our top five picks from the week:

  1. Benefits for Same-Sex Couples? Not Complicated (mostly)Eric V. Holtzclaw,  Health insurance = healthy partners = happy employees = happy company. So simple, really!
  2. 5 Ways Social Media Will Change The Way You Work in 2013Ryan Holmes,  Social media’s entry into the business world was big and it continues to get bigger. From changing the way employees communicate with each other (goodbye email, hello Yammer), to regulatory hurdles becoming a mainstream issue, Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite describes how we can expect to see dramatic shifts in the ways business uses social media in 2013.
  3. Intuit CEO: “Big Data Can Be The Great Equalizer”Frederic Paul, Not sure what new technology trends your small business should be paying attention to in 2013? How about Big Data? According to Intuit CEO Brad Smith, small businesses are likely to be the big winners in the Big Data Revolution. Small companies that manage to take advantage of big data (ahem, have you heard of PayScale Insight?) will have an advantage compared to other small busineses, and be better positioned to compete with big businesses.
  4. Forrester Cloud Predictions 2013: Cloud Deployments to Become Enterprise Reality, David Roe,  The conversation has shifted. People are no longer trying to determine how many companies will shift to the the cloud in 2013, but the new questions is “When?” For the most part, companies are done speculating about the virtues of cloud computing and 2013 is all about making the shift to cloud services.
  5. Infographic: The Economics of Consulting, Zintro blog.  This cool infographic gives the low down on the economics of becoming a consultant. Something for HR professionals to consider in 2013, since HR Consulting is one of the six best consulting fields to get into right now with growth expected to be 22% by 2018.

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