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Evan Rodd,

As many businesses gravitate towards a stronger software
presence, the demand for tech-savvy employees is growing larger every day.

It can be challenging enough to secure customers, especially
if software is an imperative aspect of your services. When that software needs some
TLC, you want the best and brightest in the business. Top companies like Google
and Apple offer the incentives and company culture that many techies gravitate
towards. When you are trying to stay afloat in a competitive tech marketplace,
what can you do to secure top tier techies?

Equity and salary are just the beginning. The talent war for
tech is nearing epic proportions. Don’t worry if you can’t afford Google’s death
package – there are other ways to compete.

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Recently, a questioner on Quora posed the query, “What are
some of the best carrots used to attract top engineering talent in Silicone
Valley besides equity and salary?”

A plethora of valuable information was offered, and some of
the biggest names in tech decided to weigh in on the conversation. While the
thread was tech-specific, the suggestions seem to apply to anyone looking to recruit top talent, be it tech or otherwise.

As HR managers, you understand the value of an efficient and
productive team. Whether you’re determining tech salaries, or acting as the line of
communication between employees and management, you have special insight into
your company’s unique culture. Employees need to see what you see, and tech
talent is no exception. They want to feel inspired by their co-workers, and
work in an environment that cultivates creativity and inspiration. A solid team
that feels devoted to their jobs and company will ensure that new talent is
inspired and motivated.

Unnecessary bureaucracy seems to be particularly annoying to
engineers, who are extremely results driven. The use of technology to create
efficient, and flexible working conditions is also extremely appealing. If you find yourself losing techies left and
, it may be time to update some of your bureaucratic policies.

Talent, tech or otherwise, want to feel connected to
something deeper than just a job. They want to feel like they’re part of
something important and meaningful, something that makes them feel like their
work is impacting the world beyond their day-to-day job functions. If your
company isn’t on the same level as the Apples and Googles of the world, what
can you do to make yourself stand out? When you find the employees you want,
make sure you help them feel a deeper connection to the work, and company

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