5 For Friday: High Fives

Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

It seems that five is the magic number in blogging these days. There are five steps to achieving anything and five key things you need to know about any given subject. Along those lines, we present you with our picks for five of the best five lists of the week.

5 Things to Look for When Selecting Assessment Companies, Eric Friedman, Blogging4Jobs.com
Looking for an assessment company to help you in hiring decisions? This article says to look for these five important things: variety of testing, sufficient reporting, smooth interface, ease of use and new technologies.

5 Warning Signs That You’ve Cut a Bad Deal, Scott Drobes, CFO.com
As fast-growing companies work hard to attract key talent that will help them grow they sometimes forget to consider whether or not the candidate is a great deal. This insightful article gives the CFO five red flags that might signal an alert that maybe this one isn’t such a great deal after all.

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5 Ways Leaders Rock Employee Recognition, Meghan Biro, Forbes.com
Recognition is a key tool in employee retention programs for a reason but it needs to be less about financial rewards and more about positive feedback to be effective. Meghan gives us great advice on keeping rewards relevant, such as giving them in the moment and making sure they are authentic, not just automatic.

5 Steps to Giving Effective Feedback, Executive Leadership, Businessmanagementdaily.com
Rushing to give feedback rarely pays off. Follow these five steps to pave the way for effective coaching: know what matters most, check your motivation, support your main point, pick the best time and establish a back-and-forth rhythm.

5 Ways to Fake an Internet Girlfriend Better Than Manti Te’o, Cooper Fleishman, Mashable.com
Just because everyone’s talking about Manti Te’o’s big fake-out this week, we bring you this great top five list from Mashable. Apparently, “on the Internet, even in 2013, there are myriad ways to conjure a seemingly real lover from zeroes and ones.”

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