5 for Friday: HR Resolutions

Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

Still haven’t gotten around to making a list of your own resolutions for this new year? The Web was abuzz with 2013 resolutions for businesses this past week. Here are some of our favorites to give you some ideas:

Our Resolutions for 2013, Compensation Cafe
The Cafe provided some great resolutions for those of you in the business of provided employee rewards: consistency, learning and appreciating more, focus on value and share the knowledge you have.

Ten Resolutions the Most Successful People Make and Then Keep, Mike Maddock, Forbes.com
There are some great resolutions in this list, but my favorite is #10, “Plan Vacations, Now.” As Maddock reminds us, “Life is what happens when you are not paying attention.” So make sure that some of the happenings in your life involve precious vacation moments.

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5 Ways to Make Your Business Better in 2013, Vanessa Merit Nornberg, Inc.com
Spend smart, dump year-end bonuses, ask your customers what they want, sell solutions not stuff, and try new strategies—often. Sounds simple!

3 Steps for HR to Achieve Success in 2013, Jay Kuhns, Your HR Buddy
1st, get organized or stop complaining. 2nd, become an expert in your industry. 3rd, take bold steps that might feel risky to you.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your 2013 Comp Plan, Mykkah Herner, Compensation Today
In case you missed this one in our own blog, make sure to take a look. Mykkah, one of PayScale’s certified compensation experts, lists the 5 most important resolutions to make this year regarding your compensation plan.

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