Five for Friday: Rogue Behavior

Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

From Super Bowl Monday hangovers to potential issues around office romances, rogue employees can wreak havoc on businesses. Some behaviors are more serious than others. This week's roundup takes a look at some of the stories about employees' rogue behavior. What are your company policies around bad behavior in the workplace? Do you have any? 

Super Bowl Monday: How to Deal with Hungover Employees, Julie Strickland,
Super Bowl Sunday is a favorite day of many across the world, but Super Bowl Monday is payback day for all that fun. How do you handle groggy workers? Do you bring in extra coffee and danish that Monday like Stella & Dot, act forgiving for that one day, like M-Edge, or give them a talking-to like Advanced Automotive Concepts in New Orleans?

10 Jobs Where You're Most Likely to Hook Up With Co-Workers, Harry Bradford, The Huffington Post
According to research by PayScale, office hook-ups are much more common that most people think. Apparently 1 in 20 employees reported having had sex while at the office last year. The best quote from this article is, "who knew database administrators spread so many more sheets than the ones they run on Excel?" What's a manager to do? Extra bottle of Purell?

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Valentine's Day Warning from NFIB, Dick Hughes Blog,
Valentines' Day is next week and the National Federation of Independent Business Small Business Legal Center is giving warnings about office romances. Though they could boost productivity, they can also cause problems for everyone involved, including the company. It's an employer's obligation to prevent harassment, including sexual harassment, in the workplace and so supervisor-subordinate relationships are a pretty big no-no. 

Actually, It Looks Like GoDaddy Lost Up To $7 Million on That Controversial Superbowl Ad, Jason, Schwartz, Matchbook on Business Insider
Everyone was talking about the GoDaddy kiss this week. Most of it not favorable. But was it a profitable business campaign? The ad plus the media ripple from the ad brought a 40% increase in dot-com domain sales on Monday. Overall though, according to this article, the campaign looks like it was a loss for GoDaddy since the cost of the ad spots was so high. Did you love it or hate it?

Square 'Has The Talent That Google Had Prior to Its IPO'Owen Thomas, Business Insider
Still on the fence about what to do about office romances? If the warning above from the NFIB didn't make a difference to you, think about Square's COO who resigned this week due to sexual harassment allegations. As if the issue itself wasn't enough, anonymous employees speaking out on Quora are affecting the public perception about it. It seems like a good idea to avoid that kind of mess.


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