Has Google Stumbled Upon the Future of Candidate Screening?

Evan Rodd, PayScale

Let’s face it – we are living in a mobile world where convenience and speed tend to dictate most of our decision-making. There seems to be an app for, well, almost everything, and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. Not only do we have multiple apps for calling car services, or recognizing music, we have a variety of different platforms that allow us to access apps (and the information contained within) at almost any moment.

In a recent HubSpot article, tech pundit Robert Scoble describes his experience with Google Glass, and his forecast for the future of mobile technology and convenience. Scoble predicts a complete integration of transactions and mobile apps when it comes to our day-to-day lives, a world where you can search, and pay for almost anything via an app. Scoble’s experience with Google Glass make him think that this reality could be closer than we think. Google Glass, while still in the development stages, could theoretically incorporate all aspects of our lives into one simple device, allowing us to locate, navigate, pay, and pick-up much more quickly.

According to HubSpot, “If Scoble is right, Glass could radically change all kinds of transactions — and could also have a profound effect on the world of marketing. Instead of having to figure out how to rank high in search results, marketers might need to game Glass and become the coffee shop or sushi place that Google sends people to. Instead of SEO, maybe we’ll talk about GEO – ‘Glass Engine Optimization.’”

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You may remember when “carbon footprints” were a hot topic, and many of us were evaluating our lifestyle choices and their subsequent impact on the environment. Now, it seems that our digital footprint is now just as important, especially when we consider how our social media profiles may make us appear in the eyes of current, or potential employers. Our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Reddit, MySpace, etc… profiles paint a detailed picture of our opinions, needs, and most importantly, our skills. More companies are starting to rely on social media when screening their candidates so as to avoid costly hiring mistakes, but what about earlier in the selection process? What do you do when your HR departments and hiring managers are still trying to find that Purple Squirrel?

If Google Glass technology can quickly locate the best burger in town, what’s to say the same principles can’t be applied to candidate screening? With so many job seekers relying on social media as a means of getting noticed by prospective employers, whats to say said employers shouldn’t be able to narrow the selection process with a quick query? The rise of telecommuting and video interviews makes it possible to screen potential employees from almost anywhere in the world, but utilizing the additional data could help companies find the ideal candidate before said candidate finds them.

What do you think, would you use Google Glass to find, screen, and possibly interview candidates? How do you think this type of technology will impact the future of hiring?

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