How to decrease employee turnover through gamification

Chances are, you’ve heard about gamification in the last couple years. Although it is a relatively new phenomenon for most businesses, it has become wildly popular as a way for companies to train employees. However, the reaches of gamification go far beyond just training employees and actually helps to reduce the issue of employee turnover.

High employee turnover is becoming an increasing problem in businesses everywhere. People leave their jobs most often for better pay elsewhere or personal reasons, but another reason employees are choosing to leave their jobs is because they’re not engaged. In fact, Gallup’s latest “State of the American Workplace” report revealed that more than half of employees aren’t engaged. Though the number hasn’t seen a major increase in the last few years, it also hasn’t decreased either. As the economy continues to improve, the need for committed, loyal employees will continue to grow, which is where gamification comes into play.


Gamification provides consistent feedback
Millennials have gotten a bad rap lately for constantly craving feedback and praise, but the truth is, just about everyone desires it. Gamification can increase engagement, and therefore decrease turnover, by providing instant and consistent feedback. Managers can also track performance and reinforce positive behaviors and skills by pairing gamification with face-to-face discussions.

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Gamification facilitates goal setting
Many people thrive when working toward a goal, but outside of performance reviews, regular goal setting can be difficult. Gamification enables individuals and teams to set goals and achieve them in a setting that is more casual and fun. It also typically provides rewards and recognition when goals are achieved.


Gamification increases communication
Productive communication is often a struggle, from within departments to across entire companies. Gamification can create positive, productive communication between employees as they work toward the same goal or discuss activities. Cross-department communication is also facilitated, providing employees from any department to come together.


The ways that gamification can make a difference in your business are only limited by your imagination. If your company is struggling with high employee turnover or even just desires to engage employees further, gamification may be the answer.


How does your company use gamification? Let us know in the comments below. 

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