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Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

PayScale is well known in the job seeker world as the place to go to find out what they should be paid. Many businesses also know PayScale for our fresh, detailed compensation dataset and our MarketRate product that gives market-based job reports. But did you know about that we also offer a software product called Insight Expert that can help you manage compensation for your entire workforce?

If you want to go beyond market reports and are ready to formalize your compensation strategy, Insight Expert is an excellent cloud compensation solution. It’s not just the software that makes Insight Expert so special, it’s also the “expert” part of the name. A Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) will be dedicated to your success for the duration of your subscription.

Watch the video below to get an overview of everything Insight Expert can do to help you nail your compensation strategy.

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Get Pay Right with PayScale Insight Expert from PayScale on Vimeo

Would you like to get a customized demonstration of Insight Expert? Our business representatives would be happy to show you how it can work for your particular workforce, industry and location.

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