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Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

The development team at PayScale is continually hard at work making product improvements and creating new worthwhile features for our customers. The September 26th, 2013 update brings PayScale customers a few enhancements that improve the usability of both Insight and MarketRate products. Here are the updates PayScale customers can look for the next time they log into the product:

New Spotlights!

In Insight, Spotlights help you focus on areas needing some attention. Now Insight customers can see all their Spotlights in one place and are notified of new Spotlights with a red number over the spotlight symbol.

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New MarketWatch and Flight Risk Product Email Alerts

Now, your PayScale software makes it easier than ever to stay on top of market shifts, with automatic email alerts. PayScale will monitor your primary project and notify you when you have Hot Jobs* or Flight Risks**. It’s important to benchmark these jobs often to keep a good pulse on the market. As an added bonus, we make it very easy for you to get help if you need it with links to your Account Manager’s email included right in the alert.

*The Hot Jobs email alerts will be sent from both MarketRate and Insight products.
**The Flight Risks email alerts will be sent only from the Insight product.


Here are examples of what the email alerts will look like:

MarketWatch email alerts FlightRisk email alert

MarketWatch Project

Now PayScale Insight can automatically create quarterly benchmark reports for the project you care most about, eliminating the need for you to manually run quarterly reports. Your PayScale software will auto-generate MarketWatch hot job email alerts to you when necessary, based on the new figures.

New MarketWatch Project


In-Product Help

We’ve added the ability for you to quickly message your personal customer service specialist for any of your product needs or questions from within the product, right when you need help. Look for the image of your customer specialist like the one below on all product pages and just click on it to send them a message!

In Product Help PopUp

MarketRate Labor Market

Labor Markets are now connected to Market Reports! You can now re-use Labor Market information in your reports. No more need to edit individual reports when your Labor Market changes! Here’s how it works in three easy steps:


  • When you view a Market Report, you will be asked if you’d like to save your location info.
  • Either save to a new Labor Market or choose an existing one.
  • Once you tie your report to a Labor Market, you’re done!

MarketRate Labor Markets

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