Using gamification for employee feedback

Gamification is quickly changing company dynamics in today’s workforce. Gamification is the integration of game mechanics or game dynamics into a website, service, community, campaign, or work.  Employee feedback is one area where gamification can have a big impact. Research shows that happier employees are 12% more productive compared to unhappy employees who are 10% less productive.

Unless you’re making an effort to get feedback from employees you’ll never know what makes them happy or unhappy. For some employees it’s an easy, free fix, for others it might be something more expensive. The job of company executives is to not only balance shareholder benefits, but also keep employees happy which comes from a sense of fulfillment resulting from an important job well done.

Gamification can simplify the effort to get timely, effective feedback. Whether this is from employee to employee or manager to employee, feedback is important. Realizing the benefits of gamification takes serious thought and planning –you’re unlikely to get much out of the program by just throwing it up on your website and calling it good. Here are three ways that feedback will increase and be more beneficial when implementing a gamification strategy:

Creates a positive environment

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A positive environment leads to benefits that managers and leaders can only dream about. Using gamification to get there is a strategy that has worked for several companies. It helps create an environment that promotes camaraderie and good-spirited competition in the workplace. EMC2 increased the amount of feedback by 41% according to the Society of Human Resource Management. With the amount of feedback acquired by implementing a gamification system, companies can quickly uncover any problems in the workplace that might affect productivity and overall growth.

Helps brand your company

Employer branding is one of the most crucial aspects of hiring and retaining top talent. As employers introduce different types of programs to further their employment brand, gamification is one that is on the rise in popularity. The truly engaged brand is one of the most favorable in the eyes of job seekers.


Use gamification as a way of motivating employees to give more constant feedback. If you look at the Yelp business model you have consumers giving feedback on places they visit with the eventual reward of becoming the Duke, Duchess, or King/Queen in their area. They’re writing reviews and checking-in because there is some type of reward at the end of the tunnel. All you have to do is use this same model, but for your own company. Making a game out of giving regular feedback about processes and employee moral. This will help your business in more than one way.

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