The top five ways to motivate your employees

Even at the most successful companies, employees sometimes need a boost of motivation to keep them operating at their peak. It’s a bit like a tune up for your workforce, which is often just what’s needed when your employees have been putting in long hours, producing great work or even under performing. The truth is, whether your people are performing excellently or lacking, motivation can take them to the next level.

Since your employees have probably seen traditional motivation first hand, why not get creative and wow them with a few out-of-the-box ideas?

For the top five creative ways to motivate your employees, read below:

  1. Encourage individuality
    All too often in corporate settings, workers tend to feel as though their identity and personality must be left at home in the mornings. Go against the norm and encourage employees to express themselves at work and for your organization to celebrate them as people, not just employees. Some may think that there’s no value in praising or encouraging an aspect of an employee that has no direct effect on the bottom line, but in all reality, this does. When employees feel recognized and appreciated as individuals, they’re more likely to be successful at work. A couple of ways you can do this include personalizing workspaces and hosting activities that give employees a chance to share about themselves. 
  2. Get competitive
    There’s nothing more motivating than some good old-fashioned competition, but you can take it to the next level by adding a twist such as unique challenges and prizes. While most companies are focusing on call-handling time or sales numbers, you could be the company awarding its employees for providing the best care to your clients or being a valuable player internally. After all, there are many non-numerical factors that impact sales, so when service is great and employees are motivated to perform, the results will show.
  3. Think beyond cash
    While cash bonus opportunities are always a motivation, employees may become accustomed to it and lose some of the motivation. To pull the best out of your employees when they’ve been with your company for some time, think outside of the box and consider what your employees would want to work towards. From vacations to dry cleaning to paid time off and even catered lunches, there’s no wrong way as long as your employees see it as something they’ll fight and work for.
  4. Make fun part of your culture
    Rather than thinking how to motivate employees in a short-term setting, consider what will motivate them over extended periods of time. For instance, employees that are with your company for years and years may not be motivated by a short-term solution. Instead, incorporate levity into your company culture so that day in and day out, fun is just part of what you do and can be the difference between burned out employees and engaged employees. 
  5. Realize employees’ value
    Your employees are the most valuable assets your company has but not just because of the monetary value they provide to your company right now. In fact, one of the most valuable things about them is something that has no value at the moment but could have significant value in the future: their ideas. They know the business and likely have great ideas about the future of the organization, so take advantage. Ask them their ideas, talk them through and help them consider various aspects, write about them in your company’s internal blog and above all, encourage innovation. When employees feel valued, considered and like they’re part of the equation, they work harder and smarter. 

What have you found to be a motivator at your company? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Think beyond cash is good idea.

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