Seven ways to keep employees motivated

Tessara Smith, PayScale

Employee motivation is tough, if your team members are still working for you at this point then clearly they value their position with your company, but does that mean they are doing the best job they can to help your business succeed? According to employee surveys the majority of workers feel more motivated when their boss shows appreciation for their work in comparison to their boss being highly demanding or critical. Still, company goals need to be met and you’re not going to reach those goals with unhappy employees. The general consensus among business leaders and managers is that it is hard to keep their business environment productive as well as employees motivated. Different things motivate different people, and each employee has their own agenda, here are seven ways you can keep your employees motivated:

  1. Support them through failures
    Despite their best efforts, sometimes employees will fail, letting down their managers and coworkers. Help them to recoup from this plunge, so that they can return to doing their best work again.
  2. Inspire them
    Instill a greater purpose in your employees by establishing a clear and meaningful purpose for your organization. This will give them a reason for working that goes beyond the money.
  3. Be their coach
    There is a fine balance between criticizing employees and giving them constructive feedback. Many managers are not aware of how to help their employees to improve without making them feel irritated or discouraged. Provide clear and concise feedback that is work oriented and give specific advice on how to improve.
  4. Value them
    It may seem a bit trivial to thank employees for “doing their job”, but a simple spoken or written thank you will go a long way in showing that your company appreciates them as an individual.
  5. Allow feedback
    Encourage your employees to communicate to you and ask them how you can help them to do better work. Chances are they have good ideas on how to reach goals and improve your team.
  6. Recognize achievements
    If you notice that an employee is putting a lot of energy into a project or has stepped up to take over more tasks, be sure to notice these efforts and foster the continuation of this behavior.
  7. Celebrate milestones
    Whether your employee has been working for you for one year or ten, recognizes anniversaries is a great way to show that you appreciate their loyalty to the company. Organize cards, gifts, or perhaps small parties to honor this event.

Maintaining a team of highly motivated individuals who come in to the office every day ready to work is easier said than done. However, if you continue to find new ways to motivate your team members, you will find that you can boost the energy of your workplace and improve employee satisfaction overall.


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