4 ways companies fail to engage their workforce and how to fix

Companies have been failing their employees for decades. With the incredibly talented talent pool companies are struggling to keep their top performers for several reasons. Companies that fail to engage their workforce will continue to bleed good talent.  Here are four common reasons that companies fail to engage their workforce.

Lack of feedback. Companies who don’t give proper feedback hurt their chances at developing their employees. To keep employees engaged it’s important to give them crucial feedback. Without it, they are confused on what one a study suggests are the three most important values about their job:

  • The existence of opportunities for advancement
  • Training, and
  • A clear career path.

Proper feedback engages employees because it’s a dedicated time where employees can take initiative to learn about these three important values with their job. Offering proper feedback will give employees a sense of pride for the company they work at and increase their engagement level.

Lack of passion. Hiring an employee who lacks passion for the industry your company operates within will likely decrease their engagement levels. Companies need to make sure those they’re hiring have passion for projects and the type of work they’re given.

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A tip to increasing your chance at hiring for fit is simply asking a candidate what their passions are and for current employees just ask if they’re enjoying their current projects. This is a major reason companies will train an employee for different departments, to mix up the sometimes laborious workload.

Lack of accountability. If a company doesn’t keep employees accountable it pretty much opens them up to employees slacking off and doing as less work as possible. Keep employees accountable and like I said before keep up the feedback where possible to keep everyone engaged. Don’t use the “untouchable” approach when it comes to top talent, make sure you’re constantly engaging them and keeping them accountable for the work their performing.

Keeping your workplace exciting. Are you a company that loves to grow? Or are you stagnant within the industry? Employees want to see companies who are just as excited about their growth and celebrating victories. Make sure senior leadership recognizes the value of each employee and keeps the company moving forward. This should tie into your company’s mission. Those who see a future with the company will stay engaged and challenge themselves to be apart of it.

Engagement is a big deal and should be taken seriously. The only way a company is going to succeed long-term is keeping their workforce engaged. If you’ve noticed a lack of engagement in your workforce there are several ways to help develop and re-engage your workforce. These four reasons are pretty common and can easily be fixed. The benefits are numerous.

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