Engaged employees – your key to strong retention

According to a recent Gallup poll, 86% of engaged employees say they very often feel happy at work, as against 11% of the disengaged and 45% of the engaged say they get a great deal of their life happiness from work, against 8% of the disengaged. It’s no secret that a happy and engaged employee will stay with your company for a long time. Numbers don’t lie and as you can see from the stat above, 86% of engaged employees are happy at work. This number proves that engaged employees is your key to a strong retention rate.

When an employee is happy, they’re not only more engaged in the workplace, but they’re likely to stay with your company much longer.  There are very specific traits about employees who are engaged versus those who aren’t. This infographic shows that the disengaged employee is not only a passive job seeker, but also they waste time via mobile devices, and they are they complain about the company on a regular basis. On the other hand, the engaged worker feels a sense of community, feels she can make a difference at work, and is most likely going to be an advocate for your company.

So how do we fix the disengaged employee and turn them into an advocate for your company?

Understanding the needs of your employee. A lot of times companies strike out when it comes to fulfilling the needs of their employees simply because they fail to listen to what they’re exact needs are. Employees of smaller companies have different needs then those of larger companies. Employees of different generations also have different needs. Conducting employee engagement surveys will help determine the specific needs of employees, broken down by department or employee type will help deliver a more specific idea of what you can do to fulfill the needs of your employees.

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Focusing on employees over customers. I wrote a blog about this on Payscale last month and it’s one of the most important tidbits of advice I can offer to practitioners. Good service is a good thing, but the only way your customers will get good service is when employees are engaged and happy. Make sure to take care of your employees first and they’ll not only stay longer with your company, but you’ll see their engagement levels rise higher than you have before. Don’t fall into the “customer is always right” mentality.

Create a plan and follow through. Practitioners who create programs and incentive perks that fall by the wayside do nothing for employee engagement in the workplace. The only way to ensure strong retention numbers if you have the trust of your employees and follow through with promises. If not, companies will lose faith in your ability to deliver on promises thus becoming discouraged and disengaged.

Having engaged employees benefits your company from not only a bottom line point of view, but it also creates an individual sense of pride for each worker. Having strong retention numbers are directly affected by the type employee you end up hiring. Building upon results from your engagement surveys will give your practitioners direct access to how your workforce truly feels and from there you’ll be able to make an actionable plan that drives real results within your organization.

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Good article. Statistics show companies that have engaged employees will outperform those that don’t by 3X.
You can now take what you are spending on PTO and have it create revenue for your company that will:
Engage employees – increase productivity/creativity – attract & retain key employees and reduce healthcare.