Three companies who are successfully engaging their employees


Companies all across the world have tried numerous methods to create a fully engaged workforce. Horror stories are told about the lack of productivity involved with unengaged employees and how it can have a critical impact on businesses, especially small businesses. According to a recent Gallup poll, engaged employee outperform those who aren’t by 202%. Imagine the amount of work lost on the unengaged employee.

There are thousands of ideas and suggestions out there that give companies ways to create a more engaged workforce, but I wanted to give you suggestions that have worked for real companies and why they work. Not all these solutions will work for your company, but imitation can sometimes create real and extraordinary results.

Recreational Equipment i.e. REI, boosts not only employee engagement surveys, but the company also uses social media as a way to get their employees involved. Since introducing what they call “company campfire” which is a lively debate and discussion led by senior leaders they have seen a sharp increase in how employees are engaged. More then 4,500 of their 11,000 employees have logged on at least once since it was launched last year. This is just one-way REI shows that employees truly have a voice in their company.

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Southwest Airlines pretty much blows the competition out of the water. Their reputation for outstanding employment branding helps create a culture where candidates flock to the few open job requisitions they have. SWA is allowed to be pickier in their employee selection because they attract the right people. Companies like Southwest are able to boost year after year profits because they offer the right programs and levels of transparency. Participating in community events, celebrating coworkers or fostering one of the most honest and open communication cultures in the Fortune 500 makes Southwest Airlines a company to imitate.

Cummins has been dedicated and supportive of the communities in which they live and operate since opening their doors in 1919. Two years ago Cummins had over 27,000 employees work on community service projects. This number almost was doubled in the previous year when they had 16,500. The idea of those who work well together, play well together shines in the culture that Cummins has built. Participation in these events is a great way to strengthen the relationships between the employees and adds a great social aspect.

Whether your senior leadership creates programs that offer complete transparency and open discussion like REI or they create service-oriented projects that strengthen relationships; there are successful efforts that each company has put in practice to increase employee engagement. Doing what works for your company will have a positive impact and if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Your employees want to be engaged. Creating a positive work environment not only helps your company’s bottom line, but it increases productivity and fosters innovation.

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