This HR software could make your job easier (and more fun)!

Last week I got my first iPhone. It’s like three models old and first belonged to my college-aged son, but it’s mine now.

My first iPod was also a hand-me-down from my son, who then conned me into buying him the latest and greatest.

Yes, I’m what’s known as a “late adopter.” But labels be darned, don’t let anyone tell you I don’t like my technology!

And when it comes to work, I definitely like my technology. Technology has improved my ability to function as an HR professional immensely.

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Perhaps you’d benefit from applying a little of the “latest and greatest” to your work? The following areas are ripe for the picking.

Time and attendance

If you’re still using paper timesheets to track employee work hours and paid time off, let 2015 be the year you consider an upgrade.

An electronic time and attendance system saves time and effort, reduces the potential for error, and provides the means to more efficiently gather and analyze good data for better decision making. A cloud-based system also frees your poor payroll administrator from having a panic attack whenever bad weather, illness, or other emergency is threatening to make an office visit a serious challenge.

Have you ever dragged your sick bottom into the office to process payroll because your administrator had the flu and your back-up Generalist was offsite sewing baby quilts in honor of Martin Luther King? I have.

Skills and behavioral testing

Continuing along with our “Have you ever…?” game, have you ever hired someone who turned out to be a total fraud, completely devoid of the skills and abilities needed for the job? Guilty again. But you better believe that experience taught me the importance of testing candidates to confirm what they say about themselves. Fortunately, there are lots of good and cost-effective programs that make doing so a breeze.

Employee feedback

Want to know what employees are thinking? Forget about those 150-question climate surveys and get on board with TINYpulse. Once you sign up, the folks at TINYpulse will electronically send your employees a weekly question designed to “take the pulse of” (get it?) your staff. It’s anonymous, fun, and timely.

Improved performance management

Centered around the idea that a manager’s job is to lead employees to better performance (imagine that!), Performance Review Pro is an online coaching tool that helps managers learn what hinders employees from doing their best and then provides pointed suggestions for action before it’s too late for change.


And finally, I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t mention how PayScale’s compensation solutions could enhance your business all the way round.

So what are you waiting for? Download a demo—any demo—already!

As for me, I’m off to watch a movie on my iPhone.


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