Bringing energy back to the workplace

Lately it seems like your workers have got a serious case of the Mondays when in fact it’s Wednesday!

Studies show that many Americans are chronically sleep deprived, so perhaps it’s no surprise there will be times when employees are barely able to keep their eyes open. On those days, hopefully these sleepyheads will clock out early without leaving a ton of work behind.

Longer-term, however, the situation calls for something that’ll help break your employees out of their drowsy stupor. Ultimately, they need more sleep, but here are a few ways you can help in the meantime.

Supply healthy snacks: Apples, oranges, bananas, and vegetable medleys are all foods that supply the body with key nutrients, so consider having these readily available for employees to munch on.

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Ask them to strike a pose: A yoga pose, that is. According to experts, yoga can provide more energy than napping. If your work space is not conducive to yoga, suggest your employees do some light stretching throughout the day.

Provide alternatives to coffee: The caffeine in your employees’ morning cup of Joe can give them a lot of initial energy but can also lead to a severe crash later on. Tea, however, has been said to help strengthen the immune system and reduce stress, plus it’s loaded with antioxidants. Keep a tea stash readily available for employees to sip on.

Encourage mini-naps: Even a brief 5- to 15-minute nap can provide a needed physical and mental break from the workload.

Consider essential oils: While not exactly a tried and true method, energizing oils are rumored to be an effective way of revitalizing the mind and spirit. Perhaps having a bottle of essential oil in the bathrooms for employees to rub on their hands after washing could be an effective pick-them-up? Who knows? It might be worth a shot.

Get them moving: Unfortunately, many work environments make it easy to stay sedentary during the day, which can contribute to feelings of exhaustion. However, incorporating movement in the office can fight off feelings of lethargy. So at your next staff meeting, encourage employees to take a stretch break or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, hold a meeting where employees walk around and chat instead of sitting.

Motivate them: Send a quick, unexpected e-mail thanking your employees for the work they do, and inspire their passion for the business. Sometimes your workers need to be reminded of what they’re working toward. You could also consider hanging posters with motivational mantras to help employees through particularly rough days.

Remind them to get a good night’s rest: After your employees tackle a particularly rough work day, make it a point to remind them to get enough sleep that night.

Few people would purposefully compromise their employment status, and work will trump lethargy on a daily basis. However, sometimes employees just need an extra energy boost.

What’s your best strategy for bringing energy back into the office? Let us know in the comments!

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