The She-Suite: Attract More Female Executives to Your Company

Twice as many men than women earn six figures, but less than half of all men report to a female boss – based on recent data found on the PayScale report Women at Work. If companies want to attract the top female executives, they should start by giving them an equal playing field.

Industry barriers for women in places of power 

Based on PayScale’s Women at Work report, the average male executive earns a salary of $193,000, while the average female executive earns $170,000. In other words, male executives make a whopping 13% more than their female counterparts. And they say there’s no glass ceiling.

What can be done to attract more female executives to your company?

If more companies took cues from the list of those that offer great opportunities for women to advance into executive levels, the business world and industries would be better off. 

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Supporting more programs to attract and promote women to higher career levels may look like this:

  • Creating well-advertised mentoring programs so that powerful women can teach those in lower levels how to best climb the corporate ladder so they don’t sabotage themselves. 
  • Sharing the success stories of women executives who have successfully broken through to become respected leaders. 
  • Giving female managers and directors greater access to the resources they need to protect their careers through reproductive preservation options. 
  • Making pay disparities and good-old-boy networks a thing of the past in all types of male-dominated industries. 
  • Closing the salary gap between men and women to encourage more women to apply for executive level jobs. 

Take Action!

Worried that your company may not be providing enough salary and opportunities for women to rise in ranks? Be sure to download your FREE copy of the PayScale Women at Work report and see how your industry stacks up.


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