HR Video: Building a Pay Grade Structure

Got comp? Check out the latest video in PayScale’s new series, Ask a Comp Pro! 

This new educational video series answers all your most burning compensation questions, for newbies and seasoned veterans alike.  Today’s topic: Building a pay grade structure – even if you’ve never done this before! Watch now!

Whether you are a seasoned compensation manager or a novice, you can design a company pay grade structure for your company. In this special video, PayScale breaks down the building of a pay structure into 4 simple steps. We explain pay schedules, how to determine pay grades, developing pay ranges, and assigning pay grades using fresh market data.

Ready to tackle this for your company? Get geared up and design a pay grade structure that grows as your company does. Watch the video now!

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Great short video clip. Very informational even though it was brief but very concise and to the point.


so good

Jade PayScale

Thanks so much, Henry! We aim for brevity since we know how busy today’s HR professional is!

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