Myth Buster: People Don’t Leave Their Jobs Because of Pay

PayScaleBusted! In 2015, the number one reason most people left companies was compensation. The majority of respondents to the PayScale Compensation Best Practices Report cited “seeking higher pay elsewhere” as the primary reason for leaving a company. Moral of the story? Money CAN buy you love.

There’s more where this came from…check out the top 10 myths PayScale’s debunked! What has bad data led you to believe?


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Sean Hodge
This is entirely misleading & draws a false conclusion. It’s generally accepted that one of the common responses people give when surveyed is that pay drives them to quit, but it does not correlate to behavior. It’s typically the easiest answer to give & rationalizes in simple terms the complex decision of leaving a company. Longitudinal studies examining employee satisfaction across various measures correlated to termination of employment generally put quality of pay somewhere around 5th or 6th. Satisfaction with management has much greater predictive validity than satisfaction with pay. I am a big support of PayScale & the importance… Read more »
Auriette Gilmour
I disagree with some of what you say Sean, most of staff I have received exit information from over the 9 years I have been in HR have left because of wanting to grow their career in different ways – sideways moves before moving up, moving for family or location etc. Stats can be interpreted many ways to show whatever you wish them too, which can create food for thought which most HR and REM people use, I think that HR and REM people have a little more credit that you give in your comment. I work with a reputable… Read more »