Your Special Relationship with an HCM Vendor—How to Find Your Perfect Match

Deciding to partner with an HCM vendor can feel a lot like being single—working your way through the dating pool to find your future spouse. As we approach Valentine’s Day, PayScale is here to give you a few tips and some guidance on how to navigate the various players you’ll interact with during this speed-dating to wedding planning process.

Account Executive / New Business Partner/ Sales Representative

This is your “wingman”. Meeting with, and learning about, potential HCM partners is similar to dating—you should ask a lot of questions, you should listen, and you should engage in this courting experience with an open mind. Be honest with yourself about what you need and about what your availability to commit is. Just like dating, you should vet potential partners, go on a few dates (demos), and eventually select the perfect match.

Congrats—you’re engaged! Now what? It’s time to start thinking about planning the wedding, getting this big project off the ground, and who these new people are that will help you execute your dream nuptials.

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Customer Success Manager / Account Manager / Customer Happiness Agent

This is your spouse. This is the person who will be partnering with you for the lifetime of your subscription. They should be an advocate for your needs, the go-to helper for any account issues, and generally are in charge of your overall happiness with the partnership. They will likely be involved in your onboarding process, but they are not the ones actually providing the service. Just like with planning a wedding, your spouse will be involved and attentive to your needs.

Onboarding Professional / Implementation Specialist / Project Manager

This person is your wedding (or project) planner. They are there to ensure that all of the steps and pieces needed to create your dream wedding happen. Whether you want a small ceremony on the beach or the all-inclusive Barbie dream package—they are the expert in their field and they have the contacts and the know-how to get you there. That said, they cannot create your dream wedding without your input, so remember that you will still need to be involved in the process!

Just like with planning a wedding, there will be unexpected bumps in the road. That crazy aunt of yours will demand a plus one, the flowers will not be available in the color you want, or maybe your vision of your dream wedding changes part-way through planning. In either situation, rolling out a new software or planning a wedding, communication is key. Again, be honest with yourself about what you need, after all, you’re paying for it!

Overall, whether wedding planning or setting up a new cloud-based software, you can do it fast or you can do it well. A fantastic wedding takes time and strategic planning from the get go. It’s good to remember that you’re hopefully going to be entering into a lifelong partnership. Choose wisely. Here’s to a long and happy marriage!

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