5 HR Questions You Can Get Ahead of Today

As an HR professional, you’re often pulled in a million directions all at once. It can be hard to focus on things like culture and performance when you’re facing an inbox filled with time-consuming employee questions. Some employees need a

What Makes High Tech Employees Smile?


When it comes to compensation, it’s tough to beat the high
tech industry, but the industry doesn’t manage their human capital with salary
alone. As new research by PayScale reveals, attracting and retaining technology
staff takes more than just …

COBRA Health Insurance Plan Update

COBRA Qualification and Duration Revisited

You have to provide employees and other qualified beneficiaries with between 18 and 36 months of health care continuation coverage under COBRA. Find out the proper duration of each qualifying event and how to handle …

Tax Bill’s Effect on Educational Assistance

Tuition Assistance Addressed in Last Month’s Tax Bill

In passing the tax bill last month, Congress voted to extend several Bush-era tax cuts, including one for employer-provided educational assistance. The following post tells how the tax code differentiates between educational …

Employer Benefits for Hiring Veterans

The Employer Benefits of Hiring Veterans and Ex-Military

During the period of time when I was preparing to exit the military and re-enter the civilian workforce, I read countless articles on what to expect while entering the workforce. Resumes tips, …

The Impact of Compensation Methods and Decisions

The Impact of Compensation Methods on Employees and Organizations

It’s time to think about the many, sometimes subtle, choices behind determining appropriate compensation of your employees. The success of your organization can ride on these compensation decisions.

From the mom …