Company Sourced Data: Know How Your Peers Approach Pay

Here at PayScale, we’re constantly innovating on behalf of our customers – organizations and individuals – to help them find the right pay for every position. One of the biggest pain points we hear from our customer base of comp

The Quarterly PayScale Index is Launched!

Laleh Hassibi,

has a lot of salary data – in fact, 35 million salary surveys’ worth. While we
like to use it to help both individuals and organizations make salary decisions,
we also employ a really smart …

How Fast Are Salaries Growing in Your City?

the right compensation plan depends on having current data. One of the key pieces
of the compensation puzzle is the rate of wage growth in the local metropolitan
area. The most recent release of The PayScale Index shows the …

Non-profits: Find Safe Harbor in the Talent Wars

Be Smart about Compensation With Good Data

We’re the experts in compensation data, so it’s no surprise that we field compensation questions from private corporations all day long. What’s new is that more and more non-profit organizations are coming to …

2012 Trends in Pay – U.S. Salary Growth

Drill Down Deeper

If you are creating compensation plans in the coming months, make sure you use the right data, advises Katie Bardaro, PayScale’s lead economist. Looking at the wider economy, you hear news of sluggish hiring and persistent unemployment. …

Best and Worst Jobs for Wage Growth [infographic]

Transportation and IT Climb Fastest In Q2

Doing any hiring in the coming weeks or months? Making salary decisions will be easier if you have up to the minute information on the trajectory of wage growth in your industry. As …

Best and Worst Cities for Wage Growth [infographic]

Can you guess whether Seattle or San Francisco has had the best wage growth over the last six years? Or, how much Detroit’s recent economic gains have improved wage levels there? PayScale’s Q2 2012 results for The PayScale Index reveal …

In Comp Data, Fresh is Good, Stale is Bad

MarketMatch Goes Farther

By Tim Low, VP of Marketing,

Today, PayScale releases an update to our MarketMatch algorithm. We do these regularly to provide our customers access to the latest and greatest information on the market and the state …

Use Data When Setting Raises, But Don’t Stop There

How the PayScale Index Fits Into Raise Planning

Some high level strategic thinking and data gathering must happen before raises can be given out. From following inflation and local market rate shifts, to considering business goals and budget constraints, HR …