Top 3 Trump Actions and Their Business Impact

Trump came into the Oval Office with pen blazing. In his first week and a half in office he has signed seven executive orders, so far, in addition to 11 memoranda. He’s also fleshed out his cabinet nominees, many of …

FLSA Stories: It’s Starting to Get Real

Companies are starting to implement changes in anticipation of the FLSA changes happening on December 1st. While there are still some efforts to delay under way, it’s unlikely that the changes will be prevented from happening. The more …

Should We Wait to Comply with the FLSA?

Many clients ask: Should we wait until the upcoming presidential election to comply with the FLSA?

The short answer is:  No. Since the new regulations are effective on December 1, 2016, you really can’t wait to comply with them.

Let’s …

Employee sues company over rush-hour traffic

A New Jersey employee is suing her former employer for allegedly violating New Jersey’s anti-discrimination law and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The employee, Andrea DeGerolamo, claims that her employer discriminated against her when it reneged on an agreement …

New Guidelines for Restrictive Covenants in Canada

Amy Knapp

Implications of recent decision
Martin v. ConCreate USL Limited Partnership

covenants are a tricky business. While
fundamentally important in some circumstances, they’re notoriously ineffective
in others. With the recent rulings on enforcement of restrictive covenants, it’s becoming …

Rules on Pay After a Resignation

Do Voluntary Resignations Require Advance Notice?

When you’re watching your labor costs, it is important to know how to handle an employee resignation, compensation-wise. If you require employees to provide two weeks’ notice of their resignation, you may have to …

Take Caution When Terminating Older Employees

Terminating Older Employees: OWBPA Q&A

Release agreements can help prevent lawsuits when employees are terminated. But, if you want to protect against age discrimination claims, your release must meet eight specific criteria. The following question and answer transcript covers the …

FLSA Exemptions Explained

FLSA Series Part 1: Exempt or Non-Exempt Classifications

This is the first of a series of articles explaining the Fair Labor Standards Act, FLSA, or the Wage and Hour Law. It is the FLSA that defines at the federal level …

How to End At-Will Employment

Tread Lightly When Ending At-Will Employment

Have you ever been tempted to terminate an at-will employee without providing him with a reason? Maybe you did not properly document the employee’s performance problems or are so fed up with his attitude …

Update on EEO-1 Filing and VETS Forms

EEO-1 Filing Due But VETS-100 and 100A Delayed

The deadline is approaching for many employers to report to the federal government the ethnic, racial, gender, and veteran composition of their workforces. Specifically, if you are a covered employer, you must …

Beware of Verbal Discrimination Complaints

FLSA: Supreme Court Rules Oral Complaints Valid

An employee, Aziz, continues to complain about off color jokes during his staff meetings. He feels that his colleagues poke undue fun at his religious head cover, but at no time puts his …

HR Approach to Harassment at Work

How to Deal with Workplace Harassment

One of our human resources responsibilities is to proactively assure we work in environments free from unlawful harassment. No harassment of any kind is positive in a work place culture, but not all is …