Top 16 Compensation Blog Posts from ’16

We’re looking down the end of a very eventful year. As always, it’s a mix of celebration and farewell as start to count down to midnight. From Pokemon Go to the Rio Olympics to the Cubs finally winning the World …

The Proposed FLSA Change has Already Affected Salaries

The Department of Labor’s proposed changes to the FLSA overtime exemption rule might have been delayed, but the data show the new threshold might have already had a substantial effect on salaries. We looked at salaried jobs that frequently fell …

One Company’s Ride on the FLSA Coaster

I’ll be honest, I cried a little bit when I got the news that the FLSA changes were postponed. As the Director of Total Rewards for Associa, a PayScale customer, I’ve been working on the changes – analyzing, assessing, recommending, …

FLSA Stories: It’s Starting to Get Real

Companies are starting to implement changes in anticipation of the FLSA changes happening on December 1st. While there are still some efforts to delay under way, it’s unlikely that the changes will be prevented from happening. The more …

FLSA News: Will It or Won’t It?

Before we fully surrender ourselves to the last minute election flurry, remember that many things will be impacted by choice of new president. One of those is the fate of the proposed FLSA changes.  The changes are currently due to …

Should We Wait to Comply with the FLSA?

Many clients ask: Should we wait until the upcoming presidential election to comply with the FLSA?

The short answer is:  No. Since the new regulations are effective on December 1, 2016, you really can’t wait to comply with them.


Exempt vs. nonexempt: What’s the big deal?

In a 2013 study, NERA Economic Consulting reported that U.S. employers paid $467 million in settlements as a result of wage and hour violations. NERA classified the violations in the following categories:

  • Overtime
  • Off-the-clock
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Donning and doffing

Round Nonexempt Hours Correctly

Work-Time Calculations: Rules on Rounding Hours Q&A

“Rounding” is generally accepted under the FLSA, but only as long as the rounding practices “average out” and nonexempt employees are paid properly for hours worked. Find out how to implement this practice …

FLSA Child Labor Laws

FLSA Series Part 3: Child Labor Laws

This is the third of a series of articles explaining the Fair Labor Standards Act, FLSA, or the Wage and Hour Law. This article will discuss the child labor laws under the FLSA. …