SHRM Highlights and Breakthroughs

It’s been a week since 2016 SHRM has concluded in Washington, D.C. No doubt SHRM is now a fading memory for many HR Professionals who are climbing out of their inboxes and extinguishing the daily fires. Back to a day-in-the …

How to recover from a big mistake

If you work long enough, you’ll eventually make a whopper of a mistake.

Stuff happens, people are human, no one’s judgment is perfect, and we’re all tasked to make more decisions with more data in shorter amounts of time.


5 good reasons not to undercut that new hire

It sounds nuts to suggest that any manager would willingly undercut her brand new hire. Talent acquisition is expensive and time consuming, and besides, what manager doesn’t relish the idea of getting a good person on board and leaving him …

How to be an irresistible leader

There’s been a whole lot written about the charisma that successful leaders possess, because it seems we humans are drawn to a certain je ne sais quoi in those we choose to follow.

But far too often it seems, we …

HR Matters to Company Success

Time to Shine: HR Matters and This Is Why

By Bridget Quigg, PayScale

What is happening in the world of human resources and compensation? We continue our conversation with PayScale’s Chief New Business Officer Dave Smith about trends he sees …

Good Bosses vs. Bad Bosses

Want to Be a Better Boss? Good Advice for Success

I recently had the chance to participate in a virtual mentoring program through my alma mater. I was responsible for serving as a mentor coordinator and reviewing the exchanges between …

Managing Former Peers

Promoted Above Your Peers?

Perhaps because it is a rarity in many people’s experience, being promoted beyond your peers holds a mystic as being exciting and a great moment in your career. While it is a compliment, the truth is …

The Value of Compensation Analytics

The Value of Compensation Analytics for Top HR Professionals

Is your compensation program really doing what you want it to? You have to make time to look at the data your compensation practices are producing to find out.There are many …

Leadership in the Workplace: The Importance of Integrity

Leadership in the Workplace: The Importance of Integrity

Okay, so it’s time to re-engage your management team and provide them some refresher training on leadership in the workplace, and you’ve been asked to research and bring in the latest and …