PayScale and MarketPay Team Up

Exciting News! PayScale announced it will merge with MarketPay! 

MarketPay, based in Denver, has a unique and powerful suite of applications that offer technology-enabled services for managing multiple sources of compensation survey data to price talent markets. PayScale will incorporate …

March 2014 Product Release

Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

At PayScale, we’re always working hard to make our products work better, look better and be a better experience for our subscribers. Our March monthly software release improves the visual experience of our market and analytic reports …

PayScale: New and Improved!


Laleh Hassibi,

Today PayScale released improved versions of our products,
MarketRate and Insight. This release represents the first set of enhancements
resulting from recent conversations between our development team and our customers.

More common user experience:

  • Improved filtering